The Secret To Better Performance In Your Small Engines

Is Ethanol Fuel Bad For My Lawn Mower?

While all fuels & organic materials deteriorate over time, ethanol based fuels do it significantly faster & do more damage quicker. Volatile compounds evaporate, this reduces the octane and power of the fuel. When it reaches a certain point, its becomes stale and will become hard, if not impossible to start.  Click Here To learn Warning Signs 

If your lawn mower is harder to start or won't start - it's unlikely the problem is the engine - it's most likely the fuel!

Phase Separation

Ethanol absorbs water in the air and once the saturation point is reached, the water separates from the gasoline. The end result in corrosion to the fuel system which leads to water then eventually rust in the carburetor.

Gum & Varnish

Further evaporation cause gummy deposits and then eventually, varnish. The gummy deposits can plug the carburetor which effects the flow of gas. If you have have sputtering or surging or even stalling in your small engine you are likely to have some form of water, gum or varnish in your fuel system components.
These issues are almost never covered under warranty and you are stuck paying a $75 repair bill..!

Ethanol Fuel Ruins Lawn Mower

So What Can You Do To Protect Your Investment?

The good news is you can get your equipment running better and lasting longer by following these simple steps..!

1. Minimize The Ethanol

"Look Before You Pump" - Never use less than 89 Octane fuel and NEVER any more than 10% Ethanol OR Use REC90 Ethanol Free Fuel available at Hammond Hardware or many Kelly Fuels locations around the Jackson area

2. Keep The Fuel Fresh

Only purchase and fill the lawn mower with enough fuel for 30 Days and use a fuel stabilizer every time you fill your mower. Never leave fuel in the tank for extended period or off-seasons. Drain all tanks at the end of the season.

3. Use The Best Gas

Using REC90 Ethanol-Free Fuel from Kelly Fuels & Hammond Hardware will outperform all ethanol blended gasoline offering better performance, more power & longer life. OR use quality premixed fuels like Red Armor or TruFuel offer pure gasoline & premixed for 2 cycle equipment. These are in-stock every day at Hammond Hardware. PLUS use a fuel stabilizer like Sta-Bil or Startron each time and every time!

Ethanol Free Fuel Jackson MI

Still Not Convinced?

We understand, we are skeptics too - you don't have to take our word on this....
Here is more research - click on this infographic and click to see manufacturers, test results & editorials about this problem.

Toro Fuel Facts  |  Learn About Ethanol From Echo  |  Consumer Reports  |  Chicago Tribune Article | Echo PDF Flyer

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