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Get The Best In Class Lawn Care with ECHO Outdoor Power Equipment

Quality Assured, Warranty Included

Get the power desired by Professional Lawn Care Services with the affordability of a Homeowner Budget! Speed & Productivity matters whether you are getting paid by the hour or using hours of your valuable weekend and ECHO power equipment delivers with easier starting,  lighter weight & more powerful than their competitors. 

Whatever your problem - ECHO has a solution

  1. Chainsaws Built To Tackle The Toughest Jobs
  2. String Trimmers Designed For Performance & Ergonomics
  3. Leaf Blower - Powerful, Productive & Quiet
  4. Pro Attachment Series With Unmatched Versatility
  5. YOUCAN DIY Kits for Easy  Maintenance & Repairs


Whether you are cutting firewood for the family campfire or trimming tress for a living, ECHO chainsaws are built to give you the years of trouble-free service you want!  

Easy starting, smooth running & unmatched dependability!

Your new chainsaw is backed by a 5 year consumer warranty and factory trained & certified service provided by Hammond Hardware's Service Team. Genuine Parts & Service or YOUCAN kits for those DIYers are stocked in our Service Department.

ECHO gives you the equipment you desire, Hammond Hardware provides the Piece Of Mind Service you need!

Check out these great tips & guides

  1. How To Choose The Right Chainsaw (Beginner's Guide)
  2. Chainsaw Safety Gear Guide
  3. Chainsaw Bar & Chain Guide

ECHO Chainsaws Jackson MI

The World's Best String Trimmers

In the backyard or the backwoods - ECHO has powerful, productive & lightweight string trimmer for every job!  All feature easy-to-use controls with the cutting edge & professional grade 2 stroke engine to make quick work of any job!

ECHO String Trimmers Are Simply The Best!

Ergonomically designed for lighter weight & less fatigue choose the curved shaft models for trimming small yards & garden beds, trees & fence post or choose the Straight Shaft Models for longer reach, brush & larger jobs.

best string trimmers jackson mi

Leaf Blowers - Quick & Fast Yard Clean-Up

Yard Clean-Up stinks! Wasting a weekend and at a time when there just aren't many more good left this year! Get amazing productivity and get on with your fun this weekend with an ECHO Leaf Blower designed to perform the job while being comfortable to operate!

CFM rules! Many manufacturers like to us MPH for ratings of power (which it is) but CFM is what really matters! This is what moves leaves farther and easier. Definitely compare this when you make your buying decision!

Powerful, Productive & Quiet..!!!

Get Piece of Mind with ECHO's 5 year Consumer Warranty backed by the Outdoor Power Equipment Service Team at Hammond Hardware. Quality in every Blower with your warranty assured!

Read this Safety Guide before you operate your new blower

best leaf blower jackson mi

Pro Attachment Series - Be A Multitasking Master!

If versatility is what you need for your yard or job, then the Pro Attachment Series (PAS) is for you! Only service one engine while getting the productivity of several tools with this Multi-Tasking Monster!

Expandable, Versatile & Powerful

Simple tool-less change-over for these and many more attachments

  • Power Paddle
  • String Trimmers
  • Hedge Trimmers
  • Pruning Attachments
  • Blower Attachments
  • Edgers & More!

Use this handy compatibility chart to choose the right head & attachments for your needs!

ECHO Pro Attachment Series Jackson MI

YOUCAN Do-It-Yourself..!

It's no secret our service team loves to help you maintain power & performance in all your outdoor power equipment but we know some just like to Do-It-Yourself. We support this lifestyle and offer you genuine parts & DIY kits to maintain your power equipment.

Repairs Can Be Costly...!!

It's plain & simple, MAINTENANCE SAVES TIME & MONEY! When you maintain your equipment with us you get these great benefits!

  1. Extend The Life of Your Equipment
  2. Reduce Downtime & Costly Repairs
  3. Genuine Parts Deliver High Performance

Stop in and let our expert staff find the parts you need or check this handy reference guide & maintenance schedule and pick up parts you need in our store.


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