Rec-90 Fuel

Rec90 Fuel

Demand Only The Best For Your Power Equipment

If you value ease of starting & minimal maintenance then you need to STOP using Ethanol based gasoline from typical gas stations and use Ethanol-Free REC-90 gas from Kelly Fuels & Hammond Hardware. Our rec fuel is 90 Octane and eliminates all the performance robbing negatives of ethanol.  See more on the videos and description on how Rec-90 fuel can save you time and money and lengthen the life of your outdoor power equipment.

Fuel Tips For Your Small Engines

  • Pure Gasoline Provides 1/3 More Energy
  • Ethanol Causes Fuel Separation & "Layers" In The Gas Tank
  • Ethanol Attracts & Absorbs Water
  • Ethanol Is Alcohol (Solvent) & Causes Corrosion On Metal & Plastic Deformation
  • The Solvent Properties Clean Deposits In Your Tank And Induce Them Into The Engine

You can purchase your REC90 right here in Jackson at Hammond Hardware or any Kelly Fuels affiliated station.

Fuel Stabilizers - Your Small Engines Personal Protector

Fuel stabilizers really do help all your equipment regardless of gasoline used. Anti-oxidants in the stabilizers grab oxygen in the gas which prevents them from becoming gummy deposits & varnish. Stabilizers also rejuvenate old fuel and reduce smoke and carbon build-up while keeping the fuel system clean. Lastly, when adding stabilizers, run the engine for three minutes to get the stabilizer up in the fuel lines & carburetor . Hammond Hardware in Jackson has all the products you need to keep your small engines running longer and better...!!!

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